Measurement campaign at Taliarte Harbor in PLOCAN

After the first measurement campaign of the UNDERWOLRD Project, in PLOCAN test tank in Taliarte, finished in January 2015, the second measurement campaign presented as its main objective to verify the behavior of the submarine channel in the sea, both through static measures and dynamic measures. This campaign was performed at the Taliarte harbor, in Telde. The measures took place at the PLOCAN boarding pontoon, whose aerial view is shown in Figure 1, with dimensions of 59x4 meters.


Figure 1.- Aerial view of the PLOCAN boarding pontoon at the Taliarte harbor

Figure 2.- Measurement zone in the boarding pontoon


The measurement zone presents dimensions of 40x5 meters, with the measurement points located 15 meters far away from the boarding pontoon (see Figure 2). The objective is to avoid the concrete blocks used to fix the boarding pontoon, defining the measurement zone in order to minimise reflections, specifying 3 points: A, B and C, which made possible to measure at 7, 12 and 19 meters, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3.- Measurement points positions


The second measurement campaign was developed in 4 sessions, in may and june 2015, analyzing the following parameters:

  • Attenuation. The dependence of the atennuation with the distance, the depth and the frequency were measured, transmitting a sinusoidal signal
  • Channel frequency response. Transmission of a sinusoidal sweep or a pseudorandom signal.
  • Channel linearity. This parameter was determined using the channel additivity (through a fixed tone and a tone which sweeps a specific frequency range) and the channel homogeneity (using an amplitude modulation in a sinusoidal signal and verifying that the channel behaves similarly for all the amplitude ranges).
  • Channel impulse response. Transmitting a pseudorandom signal and correlating the reference signal.



Figure 4.- Setup. Left) Measurement zone, Right) Antenna