Underwater measurement setup

The project has addressed a first contact with the propagation of electromagnetic fields for underwater monitoring. This objective is very complex and the waterproof isolation has required for all equipments involved in the measurement setup. A full detail about the measurement setup can be found in "Experimental testbed for seawater channel characterization" Pablo Mena et al. (2016).


 In figure it can be observed the final version of all equipments submerged:


It has built two waterproof chambers consisting of large diameter pipes with a dresser coupling in the middle and two caps on each side. They were designed to enclose a waveform generator or the spectrum analyzer.  To ensure water sealing the interior of the vessel was pressurized. To accomplish this, air valves were installed on the sides of both vessels. Instruments are monitored from surface. Inside, the sensors and actuators are connected to through a switch to monitor temperature, pressure and power on/off the instruments. All electronics were powered with a sealed battery  inside the vessel. One DC-DC voltage converter are installed. The optical fiber connection was the ultimate solution to electromagnetically isolate the set of measurement between the transmitter and receiver. Two Ethernet-to-Fiber media converters were installed inside both vessels and  two 30 meter flexible fiber cables.


Measurement campaigns in Taliarte Port:



 Video of underwater measurement setup: