Historical measurement campaigns

A total of 24 measurement sessions were carried out until May 2016. Firstly in controlled environment and secondly in shallow sea.

 Firstly:  Setup in controlled environment.

This campaign was carried out during October and December 2014 and comprised six measurement sessions. Five measurement sessions in October and one measurement session in  December.

These experiments were conducted in PLOCAN’s facilities, specifically in tank filled with seawater.  This step was the first approach to the difficulty which underwater communication entangles. Its purpose was to ratify the testbed and calibrations made.


Secondly: Setup in shallow sea.

 Once the first approach provided confidence in the procedure, a series of measurements were carried out in real sea water environment. The field site was located in a small dock nearby PLOCAN’s facilities and specific setup was prepared.  This second campaign lasted from March 2015 to May 2016 and 18 measurement sessions were executed.



Dates of measurement sessions: 



27th - 30th April

7th-21st May

27th -30th June

10th -17th - 28th July

4th August

15th- 23rd September

11th December

15th January

4th February

3rd - 18th March

24th May


The last measurement session was 24th May 2016: