The UNDERWORLD project wrap-up meeting was held in PLOCAN on the 31st of May, as part of the dissemination activities among researchers and interested companies of the sector. The objective of this meeting was to present the results of the UNDERWORLD project, to explain the potential users of the systems developed, with a view to stimulating lines of co-operation and future applications for the modem systems developed in the project.

The Project co-ordinators; Santiago Zazo from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Iván Pérez from the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Joaquín Hernández Brito from PLOCAN, presented the results of the research conducted as part of the project.


The event was attended by the project partners and researchers, on the one hand, and observer companies on the other, which have provided their support to the initiative, and finally, all the companies from the sector that have shown an interest in the prototypes and applications developed, in order to carry out the process of technological transfer.


During the event, there was also a presentation of the HERAKLES project, the continuation of the UNDERWORLD project, which has emerged as the consolidation of the ideas and the prototypes developed, to perform real trials and to test the functionalities of the point-to-point link. The objective is to achieve a degree of maturity that allows the technology to be transferred to companies of the sector as part of the European Commission’s “Blue Economy” strategy to create new opportunities and technologies that will provide support and progress in creating jobs with smart, sustainable and inclusive growth (Europe 2020).