ULPGC (University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)

The University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) was created in 1989. It has a budget of 126.6 M€ (2014) and includes 1,600 teachers and researchers, 750 members of administration and services, and 25,000 students, from which 125 are PhD students. It is composed by 5 campus, being the Campus of Tafira the one focused on technical activities, including a Scientific & Technological Park, where the Institute for Technological Development and Innovation in Communications (IDeTIC) is located. The IDeTIC was created in March 25, 2010 as an evolution of the Technological Centre for Innovation in Communications (CeTIC) originally launched in July 2006. The staff forming IDeTIC are 59 people (35 of own research staff of the ULPGC and 24 contractors and interns), also considering several external partners. 27 out of the 35 members of the ULPGC are doctors. IDeTIC laboratories are provided with material for the design, development, implementation, construction and testing of communications systems and signal processing applications ranging from low frequency communication systems up to 40GHz, identification systems based on biological characteristics, communications systems based on infrared or visible light, sensor networks, etc.

The ULPGC subproject will make use of the deep background of this team is antenna design and propagation analysis along with their well verifiable expertise in hardware design and real time software implementation. The specific topics are the following:

  • Antenna design and propagation modelling.
  • Analysis of the behaviour and capabilities of the commercial modem.
  • Building and testing a radiomodem for underwater communications.
  • Comparison of performances between the commercial product and our proposal.
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