UPM (Polytechnic University of Madrid)

The Polytechnic University of Madrid (UPM) is the eldest Spanish technic university, counting with 300 teachers, around 38,000 undergraduate students and 6,000 PhD students. The UPM has a very important commitment with innovation and research, including more than 200 groups, centres and institutes.  

The Signal Processing Applications Group (GAPS) belongs to UPM and more specifically to the Signals, Systems and Radiocommunications Department (SSR). This group is composed by 7 full professors teaching in the Communications Engineering School, 3 contracted researchers and 10 PhD students. From 1998 this group has developed an important activity in several areas of signal processing including radiocommunications, cable communications, voice, audio, sensores and security. It is quite remarkable the HF (High Frequency) activity, constituting currently one of the most relevant groups at national level. All this activity has provided numerous publications in journals, conferences and contracts with companies. Additionally, GAPS has participated in the last 5 years in 8 European projects and 8 national projects.

UPM acts as Project Coordinator and its subproject will address several topics where UPM team is a well recognize expert:

  • Characterization of the underwater channel in terms of a time varying frequency response.
  • Definition, simulation and analysis of the physical layer: modulation and coding.
  • Definition and implementation of routing multihop protocols.
  • Distributed processing: estimation, detection, tracking and self localization of wireless sensor networks.
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid GAPS