The UNDERWORLD project is divided into 6 tasks:

  • Task 0: Management and coordination.
  • Task 1: Underwater channel characterization.
  • Task 2: Point to point communication system.
  • Task 3: Underwater networking.
  • Task 4: Monitoring applications.
  • Task 5: Dissemination.

According to the figure below, there are some horizontal and vertical tasks. Clearly, management (T0) and dissemination (T5) are active during the whole project to ensure that all commitments evolve as expected and that well-defined dissemination activities have been promoted. The horizontal tasks T1 – T2 – T3 – T4 will have some theoretical components and some simulations to verify expected performance. It is foressen that in all cases some HW / SW developments will be required in order to create some kind of prototypes to corroborate in real scenarios the previous results. This way, clearly all these tasks will be interleaved receiving inputs from the three teams. A complete description of the technical tasks is presented in this section.

Underworld tareas