Task 4: Applications

This task covers all aspects related to the application layer in the UWSN. First of all, the network should be selfpositioned. Although there are some deterministic methods as those based on Multidimensional Scaling (MDS), we have large experience in message passing techniques using belief propagation algorithms than can also be used for vehicle tracking. This location information is very important in order to provide spatial dimension to the events that might be detected. Regarding the network operations, the most interesting functionalities will be based on joint detection and estimation procedures. In this case, using consensus principles, the diversity location to increase the reliability can be managed. Finally, advanced capabilities like aided navigation will be also explored. All these activities will be analyzed in the simulation tool while in a second step, will be implemented in both networks and tested in selected experiments. This task includes the following subtasks:

  • ST4.1: Distributed processing: detection / estimation / tracking.
  • ST4.2: Testbeds for distributed processing applications: aided navigation.

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