Task 3: Underwater wireless sensor networks

Although previous topics are of capital importance, the concept of underwater network, in a broad sense including static nodes and swarms of underwater vehicles, is the most distinctive aspect of the new paradigm of UWSNs (UnderWater Sensor Networks). This concept points out that affordable multiple devices are spread in a certain area increasing the communication range using multihop protocols and also, using low cost UUVs (Unmanned Underwater Vehicles), even not directly connected nodes can deliver their data using these elements as data mules. At this point, short-range propagation characteristics could be interpreted as a benefit in order to reuse different channels. In this task, a sensor network considering the designed modems is implemented, comparing it with a commercial network. This task includes the following subtasks:

  • ST3.1: Commercial network. Self configuration.
  • ST3.2: UNDERWORLD network. Self configuration.
  • ST3.3: Multihop networking.
  • ST3.4: Data harvesting.
  • ST3.5: Multihop networking comparison.
  • ST3.6: Data harvesting comparison.

Red de Sensores Submarina, Cortesía: Proyecto NeXoS